What happens to Squamish’s climbing gym during the summer?

May 13, 2022 By groundupclimb

When the warm sun and summer breezes roll over Squamish, climbing in the gym is hardly on many folk’s minds. Ground Up, Squamish’s winter climbing destination becomes a desolate wasteland. Tumbleweeds roll through the open bay doors, as the dry rock beckons. The stoke moves outside, the weather gets hot and dry, and we hope things don’t light on fire.

So, what is Squamish’s climbing gym good for during the summer months???

Read on for 9 reasons to use the climbing gym throughout the summer.

1. Warm-ups, Strength Maintenance, and Antagonist training.

What’s better than being able to warm up fully and consistently then going outside to crush your projects?

Using the training space during the outdoor climbing season also provides an opportunity to prevent injury. Don’t let the need to touch rock lead to injury. Utilize weights to bullet-proof your shoulders or bands to prep your knees for those classic Squamish heel hooks.

Injury prevention isn’t the only summer use for training in the gym. To be strong is to be injury resilient. Coming to the gym periodically for a maintenance session can help keep you climbing at your limit. Use the pull up bars or campus board to build power. Recreate the crux of your project on our Kilter Board. Do max hangs to get fingers of steel. Gyms typically makes it easier to gain climbing fitness than on rock. Don’t let the summer mean neglecting your body.

2. Shadiest Crag in Squamish

Squamish, despite its reputation, gets HOT during the summer months. Last summer Squamish saw record-breaking temperatures reaching upwards of 43 degrees Celsius. The crags sat empty as the sunbaked walls became scorching to the touch. During this time Ground Up remained the shadiest crag in Squamish. It even has built-in fans, providing the ideal opportunity to climb in the mid-summer heat waves.

3. Social

Climbing gyms act as a social bond. It was never just about exercise. There’s a reason we aren’t all hanging out in a 24-hour fitness dungeon, confined to row after row of treadmills. A climbing facility is built around a community, whereas traditional gyms are built around fitness. It’s a second family, a place where people come together to learn grow, and train. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

Summer events at the gym also give the opportunity to have fun with the climbing community through learning and socializing.

4. Showers + Coffee

The forest is great. It’s got beautiful scenery, towering boulders, and looming cliffs. But it’s also dirty and doesn’t have a cafe. Ground Up has showers all summer long to clean up for those weekends on the town while you’re living out of your van or tent.

Ground Up also offers a full coffee and tea bar to keep the energy high for your sessions.

5. What happens when it rains?

Rain. The bane of any Squamish climber’s existence. You travel to the forested wonderland of rocks, only to be met with a forecast of torrential summer downpours. In years past, the only options were to twiddle your thumbs or perhaps climb the drilled pockets on the back of the Cacodemon. Since 2016, Ground Up has acted as a haven for those seeking to keep fit or just get some pitches in during those unexpected summer storms. It continues to be a fantastic space for rainy day activities for all ages and abilities.

6. Great place to learn to climb and get comfy in the sport

Climbing has a long and impressive history spanning many decades. Entering that as a newer climber can feel intimidating or scary. Coming to the gym to build climbing movement and confidence is a fantastic way to prepare for climbing outdoors. Ground Up also offers outdoor courses to learn those introductory basics for rope skills outside.

Looking for activities for the kids? Ground Up’s youth programming and summer camps introduce your young ones to the sport in a fun environment. Learn the basics of top-roping in Ground School and then bring those skills outside during our Rock School and learn to transition from gym to crag. Using climbing gyms as a space to improve is the best beta.

7. Meet new climbers

In addition to the other benefits of climbing gyms as spaces for socializing, they serve to make space for meeting new folks. It can be difficult to come to a new community and not have climbing partners to go out with yet. The climbing gym is a common space in which to meet others with similar interests. Find a partner in the gym for your next adventure.

8. Get beta for the best new crags and local hot spots

Not all the beta on local crags and access exists in guidebooks. Climbing gyms act as a forum of information. Climbers can share beta, new routes, and discuss the smallest bits of our sport.

Utilize the community to find new friends and learn about the newest beta and gossip to be updated on the local climbing.

9. When asked, our owner said climbing at Ground Up during the summer months is her “favorite because it’s the quietest crag in town!”

Looking to escape the crowded hullaballoo of Burgers and Fries on a sunny day? Have no fear. With the bay doors flung wide, Ground Up is a calm, quiet haven. Come in to have your own private, shaded, climbing oasis in which to while away your summer days. What could be better?

What are you waiting for? Squamish’s indoor climbing scene presents the perfect summer activity. Go grab some friends and give gym climbing a try!

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