Youth Team

Ground Up runs on continually re-evaluating and challenging our ability to have a growth mindset. Much like the boulder problems and routes you seek out in our facility, we see problems as opportunities for growth.

Judith Hirsch

Judith is currently coaching the competitive youth team at Ground Up. Additionally, she works with a broad range of climbers to improve their movement and technical abilities. She holds a masters degree for performing arts (contemporary dance & percussion) which has had a major impact on her coaching – she is methodical and analytical in her approach to helping you meet your climbing goals. Jud is a multifaceted climber who has travelled the world to experience diversity in rock types and styles. With 23 years of climbing and climbing specific training experience, as well as competing for the Austrian national team at international bouldering and sport climbing competitions, Jud has a wealth of knowledge that she loves passing on as a coach.

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Who is the Ground Up Youth Team Parent Council?

The Ground Up Youth Team Parent Council is a collective of parents and guardians of athletes on the Ground Up Climbing Centre Youth Team. It operates as a liaison between athletes, coaches and team sponsors. The council advises on matters relating to team sponsorship, communicates with parents on team matters, and provides a forum for discussion. Additionally, it supports the interests of Ground Up Youth Team athletes in the Squamish community. All parents and guardians of athletes registered on the team are eligible voting members of the council. General meetings are held at least twice during the season (September to May).


The Ground Up Youth Team Parent Council would like to express gratitude to our generous sponsor, Arc’teryx. Their support is invaluable to help our athletes grow and compete each season. Arc’teryx is a company that embodies the same passion for exploration and adventure that drives us as climbers, and the team is thrilled to partner with them on this journey.

Thank you, Arc’teryx, for believing in our youth and supporting their life long development as climbers and engagement with the Squamish community.

To contact the executive parent group, and learn more about sponsorship and community building opportunities with the Ground Up Youth Team, please contact Iaian Hendry, Executive President via the Ground Up Youth Team Facebook Group.